Our values

The late Dr Zainal Mohebi, who founded Zainal Mohebi Holdings and was its Chairman, wrote this inspiring text. We preserve it in his memory.

Our values

Our vision is inscribed in our values

Zainal Mohebi Holdings is more than an enterprise. It represents values refined over three generations and based on the principles of trust, commitment and self-confidence.

Our growth has been stimulated by our focus on the future, our willingness to embrace change and our approach in nurturing relationships.

For over eight decades our business has flourished, with a dedication to quality and professionalism by our management and team members. We strive to evaluate and upgrade internal working styles and review how to enhance our work with our partners.

We encourage our people to embrace the spirit of excellence and welcome change as an agent of progress. We connect to the pulse of the market and society in general.

We also benefit from the wise and dynamic leadership of the Rulers and Government of the United Arab Emirates. Their stimulus has enabled us to contribute towards the steady growth and development of our country.

Equipped with such assets, we continually invest and expand, while exercising care and humility to make decisions based on our experience and heritage.

We approach the second decade of this new century with ambitious goals and objectives. We trust that with wisdom and perseverance, Inshallah, we will succeed.

We look forward to welcoming you to the Mohebi family.

Dr Zainal Mohebi
Chairman and Founder