From the CEO

From the CEO

Vision by values

Heritage is a concept of great value in today’s fast moving and highly competitive marketplace.

There are an astounding number of companies appearing on the scene in this valuable region – some to stay, some to dissolve just as quickly.

Zainal Mohebi Holdings’ decades of history places us on a very short list of businesses that have stayed the course through the good and especially the more difficult times, sustained by a foundation built on courage, vision and commitment.

Courage, according to Winston Churchill, is “the most important value as it makes all others possible.” Courage to learn, to invest, to expand, to empower and to innovate. Courage to follow our vision and stand by our values.

With this style of leadership set by my father and his father before him, carrying on this heritage is a commitment proudly adopted by the entire management team.

Our organization is a family, based on its people. In the ever more competitive marketplace, we have prepared for the requirements and demands of the future by creating a nurturing working environment for our family to excel in.

We have invested in innovative leading edge HR training and motivational programmes as well as resources and technologies necessary for optimizing job satisfaction and therefore performance.

We believe in investing in people: strengthening our core capabilities is a necessary and wise investment and this policy is reinforced through all the Group companies.

The evolution of Zainal Mohebi Holdings is the result of these policies. These values are the cornerstone of our development, responsible for the past, present and future successful expansion of our organization. They point to a commitment to manage our business professionally, responsibly and ethically.

Our Group has evolved from a successful regional family company to a family company with global capabilities.

Where we go is determined by our vision.
How we get there is determined by our values.
Join us as we look forward to another century of heritage and evolution.

Mohammed Mohebi