Zainal Mohebi Holdings


A strong contributor to the UAE’s growth

Zainal Mohebi Holdings (ZMH) is one of the longest established enterprises in the UAE and is ranked in Dubai’s Top 100 Companies. Throughout our eight decades, we have been fortunate to contribute to the UAE’s growth as a regional business hub. ZMH has diverse interests and partnerships in the high growth industries of food marketing and distribution, supply chain management, retail, travel and tourism, real estate and freight management.

Among our achievements

  • Establishing one of the UAE’s leading networks for distributing and marketing foods, non-foods and tobacco products.
  • Establishing a major regional player in FMCG logistics and supply chain management.
  • Gaining exclusive status to distribute food and beverage products to the McDonalds chain in the UAE, Kuwait, Sultanate of Oman, Qatar and Bahrain though our partnership with Mohebi Martin Brower Logistics.
  • Exporting our know-how to other countries such as India and South Africa.

The advantage of heritage

Heritage is a steadfast pillar in today’s fast-moving world. As one of the few enterprises in our region to have stayed the course of time, we have added unique experience and capabilities with each decade.

Our knowledge of the retail market is second to none. As a family-based organization, we benefit from a high degree of continuity and cohesion, helping us to increase speed to market while upholding standards.

For consumer goods enterprises seeking access to the UAE and the Gulf region, Zainal Mohebi Holdings and our member companies offer a proven track record of initiative, performance and professionalism.