Innovation Centre for UAE’s baking professionals

A new knowledge centre has just opened in the UAE. It’s the place that will give everyone in the hospitality industry new tools to move ahead in the competitive baking market. For every person and business involved in selling freshly-baked products, the newly launched Innovation Centre in Dubai is a revelation. Here, surrounded by state-of-the-art facilities and innovative baking techniques, they’ll gain the knowledge that lets them maximize their potential.

Initiated by Puratos of Belgium, the Innovation Centre pools all professional knowledge about baking and offers a central source for all patrons. It provides suggestions and innovative approaches for a wide range of baking requirements. Puratos base their market position on being able to deliver delicious bakery products with significantly shorter preparation times. In initiating the Innovation Centre in Dubai, they have collected all their accumulated knowledge with the goal of helping baking professionals to develop new ideas and practice proven ways of baking differently.

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